Acquisitions Announcement: Mixed Feelings

Candlemark & Gleam is proud to present…MIXED FEELINGS by Olivia R. Burton!

That’s right, we’ve gone and gotten ourselves another new book! Or, really, books – because this one is a series at the ready, and we can’t WAIT to share it with you.

Now that the announcement is out in Publishers Weekly, we can at least get you as excited as we are with some teasers…

Being a therapist means dealing with other people’s problems, but this is getting ridiculous. Gwen Arthur just wants to do what she does best – help others work through their emotional issues and get their lives back on track. Unfortunately, this time, it’s Gwen’s life that has derailed.

Sure, she always knew she was a little different – being an empath who tastes and feels others’ emotions will do that to a girl – but she’s largely managed to stay under the radar and out of the supernatural world. The worst she’s had to deal with is an attractive, horny werewolf named Mel.

Until now.

After a terrifying visit from the monsters that plagued her childhood, who seem to think she’s someone else entirely – someone very powerful – Gwen is given a task: Find a group of kidnapped, magically gifted children before they’re killed. Or worse.

She’s got her quick wits, her preternaturally prepared best friend Chloe, and yes, even Mel the werewolf to help her make it through this assignment. Hopefully that’ll be enough, because an invisible interloper is stealing her emergency candy stash, adding insult to injury.

It’s hard enough to help others sort through emotional turmoil. Rescuing missing kids, saving the city, and figuring out this whole “supernatural” thing – it’s enough to give a girl MIXED FEELINGS.

Coming in 2014!


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