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Lift-off: Windhome by Kristin Landon

Celebratory pealing bells for Kristin Landon, whose absorbing SF novel Windhome lifts off today! This fascinating, nuanced story of first contact will be irresistible to readers of Le Guin, Butler, McDevitt, and Arnason. Grounded in science, with a plot rich in external and internal discovery, with vivid characters for whom the reader comes to care […]


Navigating Time Currents: Unraveling Timelines by Lise Breakey

Congratulations and a long, happy writer’s journey to Lise Breakey, whose nuanced, witty, fiercely intelligent debut novel Unraveling Timelines opens corridors of parallel history today! Original, layered, historically informed, a mythic tale of warring castes (and star-crossed lovers) with psychic powers, Unraveling Timelines is a fresh take on “X-Men Meet Underworld” that just cries out […]

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Winter in July: M. Fenn’s Piper Deez and the Case of the Winter Planet

Congratulations to M. Fenn, whose edgy space opera novella Piper Deez and the Case of the Winter Planet starts its ultra-cool investigations into domed city villainy today! Piper Deez is a nifty SFnal twist on hardboiled noir fused to space opera—Outland meets Smilla’s Sense of Snow with a hefty soupçon of Blade Runner—and the second […]

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Launch of The Reckless

“It ain’t all buttons and charts, little albatross. You know what the first rule of flying is?” — Mal Reynolds, captain of the Firefly-class starship Serenity ****** Around last year’s winter solstice, I mentioned that in 2017 Candlemark & Gleam would launch an imprint of novelette/novella-length digital works. Those checking the submission guidelines must have […]

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Release Day: Drakon by A. M. Tuomala

Here’s wishing a dragon’s long and remarkable life to Drakon, A. M. Tuomala’s stunning sophomore novel after her acclaimed debut Erekos! Drakon can be summarized as “Game of Thrones meets War and Peace.” Drakon is as immersive and vividly drawn as Erekos and its characters (some of whom are dragons) are unforgettable. Deeply embedded in […]


Launch Day: To Shape the Dark

Today’s the launch of To Shape the Dark, an anthology of original SF stories about women scientists doing science not-as-usual, conceived, created, and edited by Athena Andreadis. To Shape the Dark is sister to The Other Half of the Sky, which won unprecedented accolades. The anthology is coming out on May 1: Beltane, Walpurgis, Irminden, […]