Who We Are

Who makes up Candlemark & Gleam, anyway? We’re a small operation, but we’re scrappy.

Ship’s Captain and Astrogator

Athena Andreadis was born in Hellás (aka Greece) to parents who were part of the WWII resistance, spent her adolescence under the military junta and was lured to the US at age 18 by a full scholarship to Harvard, then MIT. She spent her adult life doing basic research in molecular neurobiology, focusing on mechanisms of mental retardation and dementia. She has also given many invited talks (that included NASA venues and the 100-Year Starship Symposium) on the biological and cultural issues of space/planetary exploration and settlement.

Athena is an avid reader in four languages across genres (though she has an accent in all of them unless she’s singing) and cherishes every moment she gets to spend with her partner Peter Cassidy.  She’s the author of To Seek Out New Life: The Biology of Star Trek and writes speculative fiction and non-fiction on a wide swath of topics. She conceived of and edited the widely acclaimed feminist space opera anthology The Other Half of the Sky (2013, Candlemark & Gleam). Her work can be found in Scientific American, Harvard Review, Belles Lettres, Strange Horizons, Crossed Genres, Stone Telling, Cabinet des Fées, Bull Spec, Science in My Fiction, SF Signal, The Apex Blog, World SF, SFF Portal, H+ Magazine, io9, The Huffington Post, and her own site, Starship Reckless.

Lead Designer and Navidile

Kate Sullivan is the founder of Candlemark & Gleam, the result of a mild bout of insanity that seems to have led to a higher literary calling—and one heck of an adventure in sf/f and the publishing industry. Formerly the publisher, editor-in-chief, acquiring editor, chief layout and design artist, gofer, cook, and bottlewasher, she now happily functions as the Navidile, helping Athena manage the press and occasionally wondering if Grand Vizier is a better title.

Today, Kate does a good bit of editing for the press, as well as lovingly (and sometimes obsessively) designing each book and executing its print and digital production.

Kate has worked in publishing, in one capacity or another, for more than 10 years, doing everything from daily news to design, RPG editing to technical writing. When she started getting aggravated at the state of publishing on the bleeding edge of digital, she decided to do something about it. Hence, Candlemark & Gleam.

Strunk & White Impropers

The Strunk & White Impropers are Candlemark & Gleam’s cadre of obscenely dedicated editors. These fine folks are the ones who go through manuscripts, making sure every last little thing lines up, makes sense, doesn’t include excruciating typos, and generally works. They’re the ones wielding the mighty red pens, and occasionally talking Kate down off the ledge. Truly, they are a formidable force.

Laura Duncan
Patti Exster
AnnaLinden Weller

Visual Types

The visual types are, naturally, the designers. Cover art, interior design and layout, typesetting, and more is under the auspices of these talented folks, who breeze in, make everything pretty, and go back to saving the (art) world in their regular lives.

Brigid Ashwood, cover art and interior design
Fernando Caire, illustrations
Alan Caum, cover art, interior design, and illustrations
Rhiannon Griffiths, cover art and design
Eleni Tsami, cover art and design
Jenny Zemanek, cover art and interior design