Pressing Matters: July 5, 2013, Edition


Pressing Matters: Week of July 1-5, 2013


  1. Let’s hear it for Oliva R. Burton, the newest member of the C&G family! MIXED FEELINGS, the first book in Olivia’s planned urban fantasy series, is slated for an early 2014 release, and it’s already attracting attention!
  2. Looking hard at another possible acquisition or two coming up…


  1. Sarah is in full-on Commanatrix Mode with Mixed Feelings. I think I need to buy her some new red pens….
  2. Infinity Key is with Chrysoula for one last check before layout.
  3. The Moustache Edition of II Crimsonstreak is hilarious and wonderful.
  4. Edits progress apace on Grave.


  1. Blue Diamond Delivery is now available! WHEE!
  2. Chris is still hard at work fabricating an entire Brutalist city landscape for The Dominion. Now we’re on to making it look “realer” and to figuring out title and byline fonts…
  3. LOTS of cover art to reveal coming up!

Reviews, Promotions, and Buzz

  1. Blue Diamond Delivery is getting all sorts of attention out in the wild! There’s a huge blog tour going on – keep up with the event page for links and updates!
  2. The Singularity & Co. launch party for BDD was a smashing success…and involved a lot of people getting smashed on the new alien cocktail, “Even Aliens Get the Blues.”
  3. Want to know where the Webrid Chronicles came from? Anne speaks up!
  4. Plus, there’s an interview with Stravin and an eBook giveaway happening!
  5. You can’t get enough Anne E. Johnson, can you? No, you can’t! And you should introduce your kids, your neighbour’s kids, your cousins…all the wee ones in your life! I mean, seriously. With a story in the Knowonder Spread Your Wings anthology called “A Dragon in the Ice Cream,” how can you not want to read and share?
  6. Meanwhile, Natania Barron is whetting our appetites for the next book in her series, following Pilgrim of the Sky
  7. And there’s yet another glowing, erudite review of The Other Half of the Sky, this time at Following the Lede (aka, best blog name EVAR)!


  1. Font nerdery never gets old.
  2. We’re making the big last long haul of moving this weekend and early next week. We won’t be online much, but rest assured, we still love you all!

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