Field Agent Program

Do you have what it takes to be a Field Agent?

Candlemark & Gleam is looking for a few dedicated individuals to take up the mantle and help spread the word about our fine fantastika! Field Agents will receive Advance Review Copies of Candlemark & Gleam titles months before they launch, and will also get early notice of events, news, and more. We’ll also make you the first place we look for doing blog tours, giveaways, author interviews, etc.

How do you become a Field Agent? Glad you asked!

We’re looking for people who are passionate about fantastika, and who write about it and talk about it constantly – folks who really know their stuff, and are involved in the scene. That might mean running a book review website or blog, attending lots of cons, or just being active in the genre scene.

Let us know what you do, what you’re passionate about, and why you want to be a C&G Field Agent! If you have a website or blog, be sure to include the URL. We review every application personally, and not everyone will be granted Field Agent status. But don’t worry – there’s still plenty of extras and bonus awesomeness to go around!