Pressing Matters: June 28, 2013, Edition

Another week, another progress report!

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Yes, Pressing Matters is appearing on Saturday now – that’s because Editrix Sarah, everyone’s favourite Gal Friday, has staked a claim on the Friday blog post slot. Did you catch her post on first impressions?

Pressing Matters: Week of June 24-28, 2013


  1. Hopefully we’ll soon be making the official announcement on a new, fun urban fantasy novel…contract is in hand, we’re just waiting to see if Publishers Weekly will talk it up!


  1. Infinity Key is with Chrysoula for one last check before layout.
  2. The Moustache Edition of II Crimsonstreak is hilarious and wonderful.
  3. Edits progress apace on Grave.


  1. Blue Diamond Delivery is now available! WHEE!
  2. Chris is still hard at work fabricating an entire Brutalist city landscape for The Dominion. Now we’re on to making it look “realer” and to figuring out title and byline fonts…
  3. LOTS of cover art to reveal coming up!

Reviews, Promotions, and Buzz

  1. Blue Diamond Delivery is getting all sorts of attention in its first week out in the wild! There’s a huge blog tour going on – keep up with the event page for links and updates!
  2. In the New York metro area? Meet up with Webrid’s long-suffering creator, Anne E. Johnson, at a launch party for Blue Diamond Delivery at the amazing Singularity & Co. in Brooklyn tonight, June 29, at 7pm!
  3. Among the great buzz for BDD is a review in the New York Journal of Books, and some musings on writing an unconventional, kick-butt heroine. Oh, and on adding a whole new villain as part of rewrites…


  1. RIP Richard Matheson, a legend of science fiction and one of my sci-fi heroes.
  2. Everything is cooler in Japan. Even stacks of books.
  3. I love that there’s a Bodleian prize for bookbinding!

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