Pressing Matters: July 12, 2013, Edition

Apparently, we’re on an acquisitions spree…or hope to be!


Pressing Matters: Week of July 8-12, 2013


  1. Just made an offer on a really wonderful young adult epic fantasy with a great twist. Let’s hope the author accepts!
  2. Taking good looks at another few manuscripts, and also looking at an innovative, magical short story collection that we should be able to announce soon….
  3. Once again, let’s hear it for Oliva R. Burton, the newest member of the C&G family! MIXED FEELINGS, the first book in Olivia’s planned urban fantasy series, is slated for an early 2014 release, and it’s already attracting attention!


  1. Sarah is in full-on Commanatrix Mode with Mixed Feelings. I think I need to buy her some new red pens….
  2. Edits progress apace on Grave.


  1. City of Devils has had its cover reveal! What do you think?
  2. II Crimonstreak is in layouts. Running, always running…at least in the print version. Easter eggs ahoy!
  3. Covers for Infinity Key and II Crimonstreak coming soon!
  4. Chris is still hard at work fabricating an entire Brutalist city landscape for The Dominion. Now we’re on to making it look “realer” and to figuring out title and byline fonts…

Reviews, Promotions, and Buzz

  1. Blue Diamond Delivery is getting all sorts of attention out in the wild! There’s a huge blog tour going on – keep up with the event page for links and updates!
  2. Natania muses about villainy….
  3. There’s yet another glowing, erudite review of The Other Half of the Sky, this time at Following the Lede (aka, best blog name EVAR)!


  1. Gear has mostly been moved from Vermont to Pennsylvania. A lot of promotional materials and books are still in the Great Green North, but the primary base of operations (or at least Editorial Central) is now in the Philadelphia area. Here we go on our next big adventure!
  2. Congrats to the Bennington Bookshop, celebrating 85 years! While the Northshire was Mastermind Kate’s preferred haunt in Vermont, having a great local bookshop with such a lot of history just down the street was quite the treat.
  3. In or around Queens, New York? You have great new geeky bookstore options coming!
  4. An interesting Goodreads infographic on why people abandon reading a book….what are your criteria for a DNF?
  5. Trying to return self-help books. Cute little short film that any bookseller ever will watch and cringe knowingly at…
  6. Zoinks, check out these AMAZING illustrations for Brave New World.
  7. Very strange books that actually exist. Hilarious!

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