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Fifty Feet of Trouble

It ain't easy being the only human PI in Los Angeles. But when 50 feet of trouble comes knocking at your door, it's even harder to turn the case down...


To Shape the Dark

This stunning anthology is now a finalist for the 2016 IPNE awards!


New Adventures

Stay tuned!

Open For Submissions

Open For Submissions

Candlemark & Gleam is currently open for submissions! If you've created a fantastic work of fantastika, consider submitting it.

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Fifty Feet of Trouble Giveaway

The Halloween launch of Fifty Feet of Trouble, the next jaunt of irrepressible Nick Moss, is almost upon us! Candlemark & Gleam readers first met Nick – WWII veteran, Night Wars survivor, member of the dwindling human cohort, hard-bitten private eye – in Justin Robinson’s neo-noir comédie fantastique City of Devils. We’re giving away five […]