Infinity Key

Branwyn has no interest in being a mortal pawn in a struggle between celestial powers. So when she finds a way to get magic of her own, it seems like the perfect solution. Until she discovers what the faeries are really after...

II Crimsonstreak

A superhero's job is never done...even when he's a super-speedster. It's time for Crimsonstreak to save the world - er, make that the multiverse - again, this October!

Art & Words: The Raven

Artist Brigid Ashwood reimagines Poe's The Raven as a lavishly illustrated edition, spun from the author's life and times and the depths of his imagination.

Open For Submissions

Candlemark & Gleam is currently open for submissions! If you've created a fantastic work of fantastika, consider submitting it.

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