The Well:
The infinite pit lined with doors to countless realities. Cities hung from cats’-cradles. A Library of sand. Clockwork spiders, mushroom forests, beings of stone and iron.
And an ancient threat to all the worlds.

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Ben is stuck. His parents’ divorce left him trapped in a backwater town, and he’s just been caught breaking into a fairly big corporation’s servers and they’re going to try him as an adult.

Essa is also stuck. A vengeful ex-lover left her trapped in a backwater world, and she has no way back home to the Well, the vast bottomless pit lined with doors to countless realities.

A lucky accident (not so lucky for Ben) frees Essa and now they’re both in the Well, with its invisible lizards, cities hung from cats’-cradles and Library made of sand.

Essa wants revenge. Ben wants a way home. The awakening of an ancient threat to the Well puts both their plans on hold. On the run, their only allies a clockwork spider and a girl made of iron, they’ll have to work together to save all the worlds.

“This absolutely enthralling fantasy tests the limits of imagination. // Wellside is not a journey that has been taken before; anyone who enjoys antasy should be excited about this book.” — Catherine Thureson, Foreword, Jul/Aug 2017 issue.

by Robin Shortt
Published by Candlemark & Gleam, June 2017
310 pages
ISBN: 978-1-936460-77-9
eISBN: 978-1-936460-76-2

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