Piper Deez and the Case of the Winter Planet


Seamlessly fusing hardboiled sleuthing with interplanetary politics, Piper Deez is a neat twist on “Outland Meets Smilla’s Sense of Snow” that cries out to become a high-tension movie in Blade Runner mode.

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Detective Piper Deez, newlywed but still hardboiled, is a solar system away from home investigating murder and thievery on Alta-na-Schell, the Winter Planet. Who can she trust? Who should she trust? Why didn’t anyone tell her monogamy was going to be this difficult? Eye of the Storm, a domed city riven by clan rivalries and corruption—with only fingerlengths of shielding protecting its denizens from certain death—may hold some answers and, perhaps, even the end of Piper Deez.

If monogamy doesn’t get to her first…


Piper Deez and the Case of the Winter Planet
by M. Fenn
Published by The Reckless imprint of Candlemark & Gleam, July 2017
66 pages
eISBN: 978-1-936460-81-6

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