Dreaming the Dark


Seamlessly fusing Inuit dream magic with contemporary survivor guilt, Dreaming the Dark tells of a haunting and dangerous leakage between worlds where dreams (and nightmares) can become real.

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The bodies of the People are asleep in the frozen winter ground, while their spirits wander in the dreamlands. But what emerges in the spring from the winter houses is not always human. Kua, a reluctant shaman, cursed with the other-sight that allows her to see the monstrous powers ruling her world, is trying to defend her family from the Tupilak – a soul-stealer and a body-devourer. Meanwhile, as a cruise ship is pushing deeper into the beauty and terror of the North, Oleg, a tech entrepreneur, is beginning to see the same visions that drove his late wife to madness and suicide…


Dreaming the Dark
by Elana Gomel
Published by The Reckless imprint of Candlemark & Gleam, February 2017
76 pages
eISBN: 978-1-936460-84-7

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