Melissa Scott’s Interview about Finders

You may recall that back in October I announced our acquisition of Finders, an upcoming SF novel by genre legend and pioneering forerunner Melissa Scott. Two of its kernels are the stories “Finders” in The Other Half of the Sky, and “Firstborn, Lastborn” in To Shape the Dark (both reprinted in Gardner Dozois’ Year’s Best SF). The works are seamless fusions of adventure, myth and science-as-advanced-as-magic, set in a fully imagined universe with vividly delineated protagonists.

Today Melissa discusses the novel and its larger universe in a fascinating interview she gave to fellow SF author, editor and publisher Catherine Lundoff.

Finders is slated for a December 2018 release. Keep frequencies open for news on that and our other expeditions!

Image: Dreaming Metal; cover design, David Dodd (Crossroad Press)

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