The Next Anthology: Reimagined Myths of the Inland Seas, First Call

People who like Candlemark most likely know that I elicited and curated two highly acclaimed SF anthologies under its auspices: The Other Half of the Sky (2013) and To Shape the Dark (2016), graced with stunning covers by Eleni Tsami.

I have at least two more anthos I’d like to bring into being. I think the next one will be mythic SF/F: Reimagined Myths of the Inland Seas (=the Mediterranean & the Black Sea), from the Minoans to the Byzantines, from the Phoenicians to Imazighen and Scythian warrior queens.

So if anyone who reads this has an unpublished or in-progress work from short story to novella length that fits this paradigm, send word!  This will allow me to get a feel for areas that are (too) well covered versus ones that may require additional attention. Send bio, synopsis and one representative page of the work to

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