Pressing Matters: November 8, 2013, Edition

A little bit of a hodgepodge this week…

Pressing Matters: Week of November 4-8, 2013


  1. Just sent out a contract for a new YA sci-fi project. News soon!
  2. Sent out rewrite request on a sequel to a much-beloved C&G novel…you’ll just have to wait to find out which!
  3. Looking at revisions for another possible acquisition…a really nifty fantasy project.


  1. Edits on Sword continue apace…


  1. Grave has an ARC layout and is shipping out to reviewers as we speak.
  2. We’re starting to talk to cover artists for Mixed Feelings! Eeee, cover art is such fun!

Reviews, Promotions, and Buzz

  1. Infinity Key pre-orders are closed, and Chrysoula has a LOT of stories to write now. Don’t worry, though – if you missed the pre-order, you can still pick up the book on Tuesday!
  2. Susan Jane Bigelow has been recruited into the upcoming War Stories anthology! Can’t wait to read her contribution!


  1. Sadly, Cody, the Candlemark & Gleam Editorial Parrot, passed away on Wednesday, October 30, at the age of 35 (we think). He will be desperately missed.
  2. Still working on accounting and royalties, and having ongoing software troubles. This is getting ridiculous.
  3. Mjolnir smash! (and yes, Mastermind Kate really did name her tournament croquet mallet Mjolnir. We’re not sure which is spookier, the name or the fact that she has a tournament croquet mallet…)
  4. Shipping out tons and tons of pre-orders…and more coming soon. It’s like a hobo convention exploded around here, what with all the boxes!
  5. Find out where books REALLY come from…
  6. This is amazing, and more than a little crazy. I’m entranced by the amount of dedication that went into all of it…
  7. We’re considering a new tangented project at C&G…news to come if we turn out to be insane enough to try it.
  8. Fanboy Comics just released a new graphic novel…about angels and fighting crime. Yeah, okay, that’s awesome.
  9. Watch this. Just do it.
  10. This is the best bunny of all time.


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