Pressing Matters: June 21, 2013, Edition

So many edits! So little time!


Yes, Pressing Matters is appearing on Saturday now – that’s because Editrix Sarah, everyone’s favourite Gal Friday, has staked a claim on the Friday blog post slot. Did you catch her post on first impressions?

Pressing Matters: Week of June 17-21, 2013


  1. Just got a contract in on a very exciting new series – full announcement to come!
  2. So many submissions to read! So little time!


  1. Infinity Key is with Commanatrix Sarah for editing, then goes back to Chrysoula to update any issues.
  2. Matt Adams just returned second-round revisions on II Crimsonstreak. Full steam ahead!
  3. Edits progress apace on Grave.
  4. Yes, this is the same list as last week. And the week before. Shush. Editing takes time.


  1. AT LAST! Pre-orders for Blue Diamond Delivery, the second Webrid Chronicles book by Anne E. Johnson, are now open! You can get all kinds of goodies for getting on board early…and there’s neat escalators to come if we make our goal!
  2. Speaking of BDD…uh…gotta love it when the printer says they may or may not make the launch date. Even with advance planning, things go awry so often in this business! Good thing we have a trusty (if expensive) Emergency Print Option!
  3. Brooke Stephenson has put together a striking cover for II Crimsonstreak, complete with Silver Age amazingness. Reveal to come!

Reviews, Promotions, and Buzz

  1. Green Light Delivery has gotten heaped with praise by the New York Journal of Books!
  2. Speaking of which, Webrid wants you all to remember that he came on the scene one year ago this week! And man, has it been a pain in the butt.
  3. In the New York metro area? Meet up with Webrid’s long-suffering creator, Anne E. Johnson, at a launch party for Blue Diamond Delivery at the amazing Singularity & Co. in Brooklyn next Saturday, June 29, at 7pm!
  4. Meanwhile, Ana of The Book Smugglers, writing at Kirkus, is giddy about the first book in Susan Jane Bigelow’s latest space odyssey, The Daughter Star!
  5. Stevie Carroll takes us on a tour of the locations that inspired “The Footballer’s Mistress” in A Series of Ordinary Adventures – plus there’s a chance to win the eBook courtesy of the UK GLBTQ Meet!


  1. Turning library catalogue cards into art – wow, this is so neat!
  2. And ooooh, interesting and artistic library variants…
  3. Neil Gaiman signs all the books.


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