Blastoff: Blue Diamond Delivery!


Hey, ya hairy hoongofl! Haven’t you gotten your copy of Blue Diamond Delivery yet? It’s only been available for a whole twelve hours now…

A very, very happy Book Birthday to Webrid and the gang, who have just launched their second big adventure in saving the worlds of the Raralt Planetary Circle. Jamboro cakes and janz rolls all around, with some Val-Hundred to wash it all down!

To celebrate, author Anne E. Johnson has packed her bags and herded Webrid aboard the tour bus (it was easier to get Stravin and Zatell aboard – she just promised them control panels to play with) and everyone’s off on a whirlwind blog tour!

And don’t forget – this Saturday, June 29, there’s a launch party being held at Singularity & Co. in Brooklyn! Be there or be that hairy hoongofl!



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