Giving Thanks

All of us here at Candlemark & Gleam want to give thanks today.

Thanks to our wonderful authors, who create such brilliant, offbeat stories and allow us the great pleasure of putting them out for the world to enjoy.

Thanks to our amazing editors, who put in long hours working with those wonderful authors to polish manuscripts until they shine so brightly it hurts.

Thanks to our incredible artists, who create jaw-dropping covers that express those stories at a glance, proving that a picture really is worth a thousand words – and that it supports a few tens of thousands more.

And thanks especially to our fabulous readers, all of you who purchase and devour and talk about these stories, who make it possible for us to keep producing high-quality, offbeat, thought-provoking, fun, fantastic literature. We love each and every one of you, and thank you for reading and supporting new authors and small press!

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