Pressing Matters: November 23, 2012, Edition

Short one this week, as the Mastermind is travelling for the Thanksgiving holiday, and also computer woes are forcing some rejiggering on work…

To all the Americans in the audience: Happy Turkey Day! Everybody else, I hope you had a good Thursday!

Pressing Matters: Week of November 19-23, 2012


  1. Elbow-deep in first-round edits on two novels.
  2. We’re waiting until Editrix Sarah is done with her NaNoWriMo spree to send her The Daughter Star. She’ll need to recharge slightly before getting out the comma-killing pen, as is her wont.


  1. Still going through Round 4 of edits and proofing on Other Half of the Sky.
  2. Waiting on Substitution Cipher to come back from the printer.
  3. Generating cover ideas and comps for The Dominion.
  4. Yes, those are the points you saw last week. It’s been slow…
  5. Cover art for Other Half of the Sky is coming along, and it’s ASTONISHING. Seriously, your jaws will drop. We can’t wait to show you!
  6. Other Half editor Athena Andreadis is officially an even bigger font fiend than I am. This is…mildly disturbing, and yet wonderful. Not least because it means that both the cover and all the interior design is going to be amazingly attractive and cohesive.

Reviews, Promotions, and Buzz

  1. Still buried up to the eyeballs in Mr Blank Kickstarter rewards. Make the chupacabras stop
  2. No, seriously, the chupacabras are kicking my butt.
  3. But you can see where some of that is coming from if you read the awesome Liner Notes assembled by Justin Robinson, talking about where Mr Blank came from…
  4. Author M Fenn has started discussing the real history behind her alt-history spy story, “So the Taino Call It,” in the upcoming Substitution Cipher anthology. You need to check this out!
  5. Candlemark & Gleam is mentioned in a TIME Entertainment piece on NaNoWriMo. It’s a pretty good read – very balanced in its discussion of the pitfalls and merits of the month-long frenzy. Go read!


  1. Computer woes. Woeful computers. A Mac that is apparently on its last legs, and attempting to take all our data with it. Decisions about Mac vs. PC and what we can afford will be forthcoming, a lot sooner than anyone hoped. Ouchie.


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