Extrahumans are everywhere

Extrahumans are everywhere. Your neighbour, your coworker, the guy who serves you coffee…any of them could be an extrahuman.

And now, they have a place to go online!

That’s right, we’ve launched a new microsite for Susan Jane Bigelow’s Extrahumans Series. You can now head over to http://extrahumans.candlemarkandgleam.com for news, book profiles, and more. We’re hoping to have goodies for you in the coming days, including downloads like wallpapers so you can show off your extrahuman pride!

Of course, you can still keep up with the author directly on her blog or on Twitter, but we’ve also piped the feed in to the microsite for ease of use.

And speaking of the Extrahumans…pre-orders for the third book in the series, The Spark, are now open over on Kickstarter! The pre-order is jam-packed with our usual goodies and extras, but this one is even more special – because you’ll be able to get not only posters, short stories, and cool tie-in stuff, but you can also get signed copies of all three books in the series so far! Wow!

Be sure to spread the word, because as always, if we go over our base goal, we’ll start adding escalator incentives and all kinds of neat stuff for everyone who pre-orders!

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