So we’ve been on a bit of an Ambitious Kick lately, at least in terms of setting up homes for some of our books!

You may already have heard about the Debris Dreams site, where we’ve got profiles and updates for this upcoming YA sci-fi adventure.

But did you know we also have a site set up for the Extrahumans Series by Susan Jane Bigelow? It’s got all the info you need on the books, plus wallpapers and downloads.

(by the way…pre-order the third book in the series now to get in on cool extras!)

And now we’ve got a microsite together for Mr Blank, a neo-noir conspiracy thriller by Justin Robinson! Again, with wallpapers for download and some cool bonuses and a preview coming soon.

We’re hoping to be able to give you a little more with these microsites – places to follow your favourite series and worlds, and to get extras and bonuses collected in one place, as well as following the authors on their blogs, etc.

Speaking of extras, there’s a tie-in story for A Series of Ordinary Adventures out now! If you couldn’t get enough of the ex-goth vicar Jimmy in “Seven for the Devil,” you’ll love this story.

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