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Times are busy here at Candlemark & Gleam, so we thought we’d give you a news roundup of what’s going on!

First, Constellation Games by Leonard Richardson is now available in print! If you have a hard time waiting for a story to unfold week by week, you can now get a copy of the complete novel in paperback. No more holding out for the next chapter! Of course, you can still sign up for the Plutonium package, which will get you the book AND the serial, plus extras that you won’t be able to get by buying the paperback alone…

Next, I, Crimsonstreak news! We’ve passed our stretch goal of $1,000 for our Kickstarter pre-orders, and that means that everyone who signs up for a copy of the book gets a grab bag of cool extras! There’s still 5 days to go on pre-orders, though, and that means that we’re shooting for a second stretch goal. If we make $1,500, everyone who backs the book for $20 or more will get a poster of the cover, and we’ll make Morty’s guide available as a slim bound volume, instead of just a digital edition.

Plus, the Crimsonstreaking contest is still open! Go Crimsonstreaking and tweet a photo, email it to us, or post a link on your blog, then let us know on this form and you’ll be entered to win a digital copy of the novel. The best Crimsonstreaker, as judged by the author, will get a paperback, plus a goodie bag of swag!

And last, but certainly not least, Green Light Delivery by Anne E. Johnson has been reviewed by Publishers Weekly!

“The book’s joy lies in its humorous prose” which follows Webrid, our “‘everyalien’ caught up in intrigue beyond his understanding.”

Congratulations, Anne!

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