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Launch Day – I, Crimsonstreak!

A very happy Book Birthday goes out to I, Crimsonstreak, the comic comic novel by Matt Adams! It’s officially available today, wherever better books are sold (including right here on the C&G site, where you get the digital edition bundled with print). And if you want to know a bit about the Man Behind The […]

News roundup

Times are busy here at Candlemark & Gleam, so we thought we’d give you a news roundup of what’s going on! First, Constellation Games by Leonard Richardson is now available in print! If you have a hard time waiting for a story to unfold week by week, you can now get a copy of the […]



Move over, Marvel – I, Crimsonstreak is on its way, and making waves! In just a few days, pre-orders have already passed our goal, and that means that we’ve moved into escalator bonuses. Right now, we’re shooting for $1,000 in pre-orders – if we make it, everyone who plunks down $20 and up will get […]


I, Crimsonstreak available for pre-order

I, Crimsonstreak, the comic comic novel debut of Matt Adams, is now available for pre-order! And man, are there some awesome goodies to go with it. ID badges, posters, tee shirts, even Mortimer P. Willoughby’s Guide to Etiquette, for all those classy superhero wannabes out there. You’ll definitely want to check out Matt’s trailer for […]


I, Crimsonstreak cover reveal

Do you dig superheroes? Guys in spandex, fighting crime, doing things that you can only dream of doing with superpowers that are beyond belief? Do you dig comedy? Douglas Adams-style hilarity in strangely ordinary extraordinary situations? Do you like Cheetos? Then have we got a book for you! It’s time to reveal the cover of […]

Acquisition: I, Crimsonstreak

Big news, everyone! Candlemark & Gleam has gone and done it again – we’ve acquired another novel. Another awesome novel that you are going to be salivating for long before release date. That’s because it’s snarky, fast-paced, hilarious superhero fun. Complete with pop culture references, acerbic British butlers, and a hefty dose of dystopian societal […]