Cover Reveal: The Spark

In case you didn’t see it on The Book Smugglers, we’ve revealed the cover of the third book in Susan Jane Bigelow’s Extrahumans series: The Spark!

Deirdre Burns White clings desperately to her normal life. She has a job, a boyfriend and an apartment in the city of First Landing. She’s made sure life is normal… because Dee is an extrahuman. She can make fire with her mind and she has the devil’s luck, but because of that, she was once imprisoned and tortured by the ruthless Confederation military. All she wants is to bury the past and blend in.

When an old friend shows up bearing a letter and a command, though, Dee finds she can’t run any longer. The ghosts of her past have come back to haunt her, even as the first cracks finally begin to show in the Confederation’s smothering oppression.

Now First Landing is in a state of open, wild revolt, and Dee has to make a choice: to hide herself away, lost to guilt and regret, or to embrace her past and her dangerous powers to help save the people and the city she loves.

Dee could set the world on fire; all she needs is a spark.

As with all our books, we’re super-excited to be bringing this to you. But even better is the fact that this is yet another powerhouse entry in a really stunning series – if you’re not reading Extrahumans, you really should be. Susan has an incredible knack for developing characters, and for making a huge ensemble cast really work, even as she throws impossible situations their way.

It’s even topical – you’ll see hints of the Arab Spring – and it’s now even interactive: Susan has launched @MandolianVista as a way for you to get news on what’s going on in First Landing!

The Spark: Coming in Summer 2012!

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