Awards season begins!

New year, new excitement! Award nominations and voting for quite a lot of things have opened up, and Candlemark & Gleam and its authors are proud to be eligible for a whole host of awards this year.

First up, there’s the Preditors & Editors Readers Choice Poll. Last year, we were stunned and honoured to make the Top Ten for publishers and to take home some commendations for our books – quite the outing for a very new press. This year, we’re eligible for even more. The page is sort of a mess, but we’d really appreciate the support of your votes!

C&G itself is eligible for “Publisher,” while we have Hickey of the Beast eligible for YA title, Pilgrim of the Sky eligible for Sci-Fi/Fantasy, and (re)Visions: Alice eligible for Anthology. We also think that Pilgrim of the Sky should be a shoo-in for “best cover”!

Voting is open until January 10.

More exciting still is the number of C&G titles that are eligible for the Hugos this year. If you’re a member of the 2011, 2012, or 2013 Worldcons, we’d appreciate your nominations and votes!

Hickey of the Beast and Pilgrim of the Sky are both eligible for Novel.

The stories of (re)Visions: Alice are eligible in different categories!
“What Aelister Found Here” by Kaye Chazan is eligible for Novella.
“House of Cards” by Amanda Ching is eligible for Novella.
“The World in a Thimble” by C.A. Young is eligible for Novella.
“Knave” by Hilary Thomas is eligible for Novelette.

Brigid Ashwood, the talent behind that phenomenal Pilgrim of the Sky cover, is eligible for Best Professional Artist.

And for The John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer, we have several eligible candidates! AM Tuomala (Erekos)  and Susan Jane Bigelow (Broken) are in their second years of eligibility, while Isabel Kunkle (Hickey of the Beast) and Natania Barron (Pilgrim of the Sky) are in their first.

Won’t you consider nominating one or more of our amazing titles and books for the Hugos?

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