Matchbox Girls preorders and trailer!

Preorders for Matchbox Girls by Chrysoula Tzavelas are now open!

They’re going gangbusters, and that means that we’ve started offering escalators to keep the momentum up. We’ve already passed our first goal, which means that everyone who preorders will get a short-story prelude to the action of the novel, and we’re about to announce another escalator goal with a very cool additional reward.

Meanwhile, the author has created an awesome text-based trailer for the book, with an ending that sends shivers up my spine. If this doesn’t make you want to read the book, nothing will!

Except, perhaps, this great recommendation from Nobilis creator Jenna Moran:

“You want to read Matchbox Girls because it will devour you. It will consume you. It will wrap around you and it will colonize your world with its shapes and symbols and its faces. I should tell you that it’s an urban fantasy about a woman with magical powers and twin
four-year-olds. I should tell you that it reconciles parenting and heroism as very few stories do: that it interweaves them and makes them integral to one another, rather than  establishing for them their separate spheres. I should also tell you that the book is much more than that conceit. What it will leave you with when it has finished with you are the arcs and movements of Heavenly machines, and of monsters seen through geometric sight, and of life; and a tang of faerie; a scent of smoke; and the warmth and company of characters who have become your friends.”

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