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I just sent out a massive stack of ARCs for the print edition of Erekos by A.M. Tuomala at lunch today.

The final book is going to be GORGEOUS, lemme tell ya. You should really pre-order it.

But! It took a good bit of effort and some trial and error to get to the point where we had a book I could say truly lived up to the story it contains. That effort involved having two proof copies made up before I was happy with the ARC. Neither of them is fantastic – one is, in fact, a little oddly laid out (owing to some issues with my design program), while the other just needed a few tweaks to the margins.

Still, I have these books.

And that means I think YOU should have these books.

But there’s a catch here. In order to get your hands on a galley (read, not final-form, totally refined) proof of Erekos, you have to help spread the word about the book’s print launch in September!

Want a chance at getting a copy a few months early? Get people talking/buzzing about the book, and encourage pre-orders and word of mouth, because word of mouth is everything.

What can you do? Well, just by plugging your name in this handy-dandy form, you’re entered to win a galley copy. But if you do more, you get more chances to win!

Write a blog post about either the giveaway or the pre-order, and you’ll get an extra entry.

Tweet about the giveaway or the preorder using #erekos, and get another extra entry!

Write a review of the book and get TWO extra entries.

Do something creative – write a haiku, make an Erekos tee shirt, dress up like a swamp witch, make an iconset, stage a dramatic reading on the streetcorner – and you’ll get THREE extra entries.

If you do extra things, like blogging, tweeting, reviewing, or doing neat creative things, please send us links so that we can confirm your entries. You can leave the links on the form below, or email us at info AT candlemarkandgleam DOT com with subject line: Erekos Galley Giveaway.

We’ll keep taking entries until July 15, at which point we’ll randomly select a winner.

But wait! There’s more!

We have two galley proofs sitting on the shelf. The second galley will go to whoever does the most creative promotion for the book, as determined by the Candlemark & Gleam staff and our in-house parrot (he’s an excellent self-promoter, and therefore an ideal judge).

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