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Building a brand

In a conversation sparked by something I posted to Twitter yesterday (we’re @candlemarkgleam, by the way), @ChapterandVoice asked for my five “top tips” for authors who want to build their brand. Now, some of you are probably thinking, “Wait, author marketing? Brand-building? Isn’t that why we have publishers? So that authors are free to just […]

Spread the word, win neat stuff!

I just sent out a massive stack of ARCs for the print edition of Erekos by A.M. Tuomala at lunch today. The final book is going to be GORGEOUS, lemme tell ya. You should really pre-order it. But! It took a good bit of effort and some trial and error to get to the point […]

Pilgrim of the Sky Website

So…we might have mentioned once or twice this little novel coming out in the fall, Pilgrim of the Sky. Well, it’s all grown up and has its own website now! How amazing is that? I’m really looking forward to seeing what Natania posts there – worldbuilding tidbits, looks behind the scene at her writing process, […]

Ad-Supported Reading

We’ve talked a bit before about ads in eBooks and whether or not it’s a good idea. Personally, I come down on the side of it being a good option – but you have to have both a free, ad-supported version and a paid, pure version of an eBook in order to make it a […]

Publicity as Primary

As we move into a new year, with many exciting book launches planned, I’ve been thinking more and more about marketing and publicity. You see, the hardest part of being a new, niche publisher that specializes in printing not-overly-commercial fiction by first-time authors is that, well, you’re up against a pair of obstacles: You, the […]

Paperback Dolls

There is an absolutely phenomenal review of Erekos up over at Paperback Dolls, a book blog you should really be reading if you aren’t already. Plus, there’s an interview with A. M. Tuomala, a guest post by lil’ ol’ me, and multiple ways to win a copy of the book! Go! Read! Enjoy!

Selling Yourself

The rise of the author-entrepreneur is a trend I’ve been following closely. Not only does it have an immediate bearing on the industry as a whole, but it has a bearing on Candlemark & Gleam and our authors as we seek to get ourselves established in the down-and-dirty world of getting read. As that article […]