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Package Madness

Oh, the glamorous life of an editor and publisher! The long three-martini lunches! The gala events in glittering penthouses! The hours upon hours spent hunched over a table packing and labeling boxes… …what? Yeah, it’s a lot more of the latter and less of the former, at least at a small publishing house. I spent […]

More on digital printing and short-run

Remember what I said about digital printing and short-run printing? Yeah, guess what? It’s not just the little presses making use of it. You may have heard of a little outfit called Penguin – well, they’re now using Quad/Graphics to do short-run prints of many of their backlist titles. Take that, traditional supply chain!

On short-run printing

This is something that’s come up a few times in different contexts lately, and I thought I’d tackle the subject to clear up some misconceptions. Printing. Yes, it still happens. Actual, physical, paper books are still constructed out of dead trees, ink, and glue. They still get shipped out and put on bookshelves, then bought […]

A note to the pessimists

Lifted from a response I left on Cat Valente’s blog, regarding the “sky is falling” attitude around publishing right now, and how publishing is collapsing, etc etc woe is us: I firmly believe that publishing is not dying. Not even standard-model dead-tree publishing. Because you know what? People are reading more now than ever, and […]

Spread the word, win neat stuff!

I just sent out a massive stack of ARCs for the print edition of Erekos by A.M. Tuomala at lunch today. The final book is going to be GORGEOUS, lemme tell ya. You should really pre-order it. But! It took a good bit of effort and some trial and error to get to the point […]

Erekos in Print!

  We know you’re as excited as we are about the upcoming print release of Erekos by A.M. Tuomala. September is a long, long time away, though, and so we wanted to give you the opportunity to pre-order the book! For those who pre-order the trade paperback of Erekos, we’re also offering some special opportunities […]

Once more, with feeling

Got the first proof of the Erekos ARC yesterday and it looks pretty good. There were still a few issues, though, mostly relating to the baseline grid, the gutters, and the outer margins. So…I reset the type. Again. That makes six times now, I think. Hope this one’s the charm, because we’re so close to […]

Big News

Big news. Big, big news. First, a remembrance: On April 21, 1910, one of my personal heroes died. Mark Twain, née Samuel Clemens, had an undeniable effect on the world of letters, and an undeniable effect on a little girl growing up immersed in letters in a tiny town in upstate New York. I grew […]

Gimmicks, tiers, and so much more

I have to admit, I’m quite looking forward to Jonathan Safran Foer’s experimental book. This article does a great job of talking about why he did it, and what he hopes to get out of it. I’ve seen art books done like this – cutting out bits of pages to make images or reveal certain […]

Thoughts on Format and Design

As I’ve been typesetting Erekos for the last two weeks, I’ve been musing about formatting. Print is a beautiful thing. It lets you set exactly how you want a reader to experience a story – it gives you the ability to make an aesthetically pleasing container for thought. I love this. I love taking an […]