Hickey(s) of the Beast Challenge

We’re gearing up for the release of Hickey of the Beast, a hilarious, creative, absolutely awesome YA fantasy by Isabel Kunkle.

In honour of this great story, and tapping into some of the creativity that’s already been unleashed by the book, we’re going to offer a little giveaway for those readers who like to go the extra mile.

Remember the Hickey(s) of the Beast? We sure do. And we’re willing to offer a free subscription to the serial of Hickey of the Beast, plus a few extra, undisclosed goodies, to anyone who’s willing to mark themselves with the Hickey of the Beast!

Post it to your Facebook page – and ours! – to your blog, or wherever you think is appropriate. Send it in to info AT! candlemarkandgleam.com, too. We’ll collect the best (PG-13 ratings, please!) and proudly display them here on the blog, and on Facebook.

Then, on April 1, we’ll randomly select a winner to get a Hickey of the Beast subscription and a surprise prize pack to go with it. We might throw in some other, additional prizes for really creative entries, too…so have fun with it!

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