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Kudos go out to Susan Jane Bigelow, author of the Extrahumans series, on the occasion of her second starred review in Publishers Weekly! “Filled with hairpin plot turns, breathtaking escapes, compelling characters, and a profound sense of humanity, this installment of the Extrahuman series expands upon an already fascinating universe and leaves the reader hungry […]

We have a winner!

We have a winner in the Hickey(s) of the Beast Challenge! Dwain Smith, mad genius, fully loaded potassium source, and creator of the Banana of the Beast, has won a Gold Subscription to Hickey of the Beast for one heck of a spooky fruit. Congratulations!

Hickey(s) of the Beast Challenge

We’re gearing up for the release of Hickey of the Beast, a hilarious, creative, absolutely awesome YA fantasy by Isabel Kunkle. In honour of this great story, and tapping into some of the creativity that’s already been unleashed by the book, we’re going to offer a little giveaway for those readers who like to go […]

Hickey(s) of the Beast Guest Post

The fabulous Tkoeh (@tkoeh, tkoehcreations.blogspot.com) got a wee bit excited about the mere concept of Hickey of the Beast, and went a little overboard on Hallowe’en – she actually created satanic hickeys and wore them to a party! Yeah, we’re so sending her an ARC of the book for this. Talk about a superfan…and this […]

Hickey of the Beast: Coverlicious!

For the past, oh, two months or so, I’ve been plugging away on the cover for Hickey of the Beast. From a few initial ideas floated by the author, we’ve been through something like 25 different ideas, and got it down to 8 or so final choices. It is unreal how fast I can Photoshop […]

HICKEY OF THE BEAST: An Announcement!

Now that we have your attention thanks to all the excitement around the Erekos release, there’s a new bit of excitement and hoopla to add! Candlemark & Gleam is very pleased to announce our first serial title, Hickey of the Beast by Isabel Kunkle. Bad dreams? No big deal. After all, Connie Perez is starting […]