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Package Madness

Oh, the glamorous life of an editor and publisher! The long three-martini lunches! The gala events in glittering penthouses! The hours upon hours spent hunched over a table packing and labeling boxes… …what? Yeah, it’s a lot more of the latter and less of the former, at least at a small publishing house. I spent […]


Kudos go out to Susan Jane Bigelow, author of the Extrahumans series, on the occasion of her second starred review in Publishers Weekly! “Filled with hairpin plot turns, breathtaking escapes, compelling characters, and a profound sense of humanity, this installment of the Extrahuman series expands upon an already fascinating universe and leaves the reader hungry […]

Great reviews

Candlemark & Gleam books have been getting some great reviews in some pretty prestigious journals lately! First up, we have (re)Visions: Alice! In its December 2011 edition, Midwest Book Review says: The story of Alice in Wonderland is viewed by many in different ways. “(re) Visions: Alice” is a retelling of the tales of Alice […]

Font Geekery

I’ve been spending the better part of the last two weeks revising Erekos for its print release in September, and dealing with the vagaries of what font, leading, and kerning to use for a trade paperback edition. It’s fun, but also frustrating. So in the midst of all my font work there, it was a […]

Pilgrim of the Sky Website

So…we might have mentioned once or twice this little novel coming out in the fall, Pilgrim of the Sky. Well, it’s all grown up and has its own website now! How amazing is that? I’m really looking forward to seeing what Natania posts there – worldbuilding tidbits, looks behind the scene at her writing process, […]

PILGRIM OF THE SKY: An Announcement!

Okay, how exciting is this? Seriously. Two acquisition announcements in under two weeks! That’s right, Candlemark & Gleam has picked up yet another amazing title: Pilgrim of the Sky, by Natania Barron. How to describe this novel? Hm. That may be a tough one. It’s sort of…a world-hopping, reality-bending, art-historical, socio-religious steampunk odyssey. And that’s […]