PILGRIM OF THE SKY: An Announcement!

Okay, how exciting is this? Seriously. Two acquisition announcements in under two weeks!

That’s right, Candlemark & Gleam has picked up yet another amazing title: Pilgrim of the Sky, by Natania Barron.

How to describe this novel? Hm. That may be a tough one. It’s sort of…a world-hopping, reality-bending, art-historical, socio-religious steampunk odyssey. And that’s just for starters.

It takes place both in our world – in a corner of the world that I’m particularly familiar with and fond of, Western Massachussets – and in a number of other worlds, each of which has its own character and flavour. Natania has an unbelievable knack for description and imagery, and I can honestly say that the lush descriptions of Sixth World make me want to pack up and move there, just to get a taste of floating mansions, copper corsets, and electromagnetic horseless carriages in a refined pseudo-Victorian society that has some truly surprising twists to it.

But that’s only part of this novel. Pilgrim of the Sky also features murder, ambition, greed, multidimensional travel, and opiate abuse. You know, as you do.

It’s strange, multifaceted, and truly outstanding. It’s the sort of genre-crossing, world-hopping opus that Candlemark & Gleam was created to help nurture and promote, and we’re truly proud to be bringing you this story.

You can read more about the story, and read the author’s thoughts, on her truly excellent blog. We particularly recommend the very excited announcement post, heh.

Pilgrim of the Sky: Coming in August 2011.

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