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We have a winner!

We have a winner in the Hickey(s) of the Beast Challenge! Dwain Smith, mad genius, fully loaded potassium source, and creator of the Banana of the Beast, has won a Gold Subscription to Hickey of the Beast for one heck of a spooky fruit. Congratulations!

Erekos Reader Drawing – we have a winner!

Courtesy of the resident Psychic Parrot and his patent-pending random selection process, we have a winner in the Erekos Reader Drawing! We’ve e-mailed Kathryn from Virginia to let her know she’s won. Kathryn, you’ve got a week to let us know where to send your prize! After that, the parrot goes back to the drawing […]

Hickey(s) of the Beast Challenge

We’re gearing up for the release of Hickey of the Beast, a hilarious, creative, absolutely awesome YA fantasy by Isabel Kunkle. In honour of this great story, and tapping into some of the creativity that’s already been unleashed by the book, we’re going to offer a little giveaway for those readers who like to go […]

Preditors & Editors Reader’s Poll Results

You like us! You really like us! This just in: Candlemark & Gleam has taken Top 10 honours in all three categories of the Preditors & Editors Reader’s Poll…and we’re #5 for Publisher! Thank you all SO much for voting for us and cheering us on! This is a great honour, especially for such a […]

Reader Poll

So…Preditors & Editors is doing its annual Readers Poll, and Candlemark & Gleam and Erekos are up in several categories! Pretty please go vote for us? Candlemark & Gleam is up for Book Publisher. Erekos is up for both SF/F Novel and Cover Art/Novel. Go vote! It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s painless, and you might […]

Publicity as Primary

As we move into a new year, with many exciting book launches planned, I’ve been thinking more and more about marketing and publicity. You see, the hardest part of being a new, niche publisher that specializes in printing not-overly-commercial fiction by first-time authors is that, well, you’re up against a pair of obstacles: You, the […]

On Pseudonyms

Interesting article here on choosing to write under a pseudonym, and why an author might want to do so. I think a lot of authors, particularly those who write in genre, choose pseudonyms for a combination of these reasons. What if you’re a scholar or a journalist in your everyday life? It makes sense for […]

Paperback Dolls

There is an absolutely phenomenal review of Erekos up over at Paperback Dolls, a book blog you should really be reading if you aren’t already. Plus, there’s an interview with A. M. Tuomala, a guest post by lil’ ol’ me, and multiple ways to win a copy of the book! Go! Read! Enjoy!

Fair pricing

The fair pricing debate is cropping up again. According to the author of that post, e-books should be priced very low indeed, at 99c to $2.99, because the overhead is low, the author is usually unknown and working in a niche environment, and because they don’t have the expense of an agent or publisher. What […]


Taking a bit of a break before the next Behind the Curtain post to ask…what sort of goodies would you dig for a book release? I’m thinking of freebies, downloadables that you could snag, along with things you could buy for a buck or two. Wallpapers, obviously, but perhaps a downloadable sheet of bookmarks or […]