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What’s in a length?

I do love Charlie Stross. And I love reading his takes on the publishing industry and the future of the book. His CMAP series should be required reading. In fact, let’s make it some required reading right now, shall we? Why books are the length they are. This is a great post on why books […]

Going back to go forward

Forbes has an interesting discussion with the guys behind the Espresso Book Machine. A lot of this is tangential to our discussion right now. We’ll get more into the idea of digital versus offset printing in the future, but because right now, since Candlemark & Gleam is publishing as electronic-only, not in print, we’re more […]

Once upon a time

Every story needs a beginning. “Once upon a time” is a traditional one, a good one, although sometimes overused. “In the beginning” is another classic, as is “Sing, O Muse.” We’re also quite fond of “Enter, pursued by a bear,” though less fond of actually being pursued by a large creature of the ursine persuasion. […]

Hello world!

Welcome to Candlemark & Gleam’s new blog! This will, we hope, be a place to discuss anything and everything, particularly where publishing is concerned. The future of the book, developments in publishing, the art of reading and writing…nothing’s off limits. Come on in and join the fun!