Broken launch party roundup

The launch party for Broken by Susan Jane Bigelow was a huge success!

Thanks so much to Mike and all the crew at Modern Myths in Northampton, MA, for letting us use their great new event space, and for being generally awesome and supportive. We had a fantastic turnout – especially given the power issues in Western Massachusetts and Connecticut during the past week, and given that anyone attending the event had to make their way around masses of trick-or-treaters (Hallowe’en festivities were delayed a week due to the weather and power problems).

Susan gave an excellent set of readings from the novel, really letting people get a taste of the characters and their predicaments. Everyone got to enjoy some tasty snacks, and then chat with the author and congratulate her – while eyeing the editrix sideways to find out when news about the second and third books in the series would be forthcoming.

…yeah, yeah, I’m getting there.

There was a minor snafu when the prize-selection process went awry, ending with the wall being declared the actual winner of the Broken prize package (and the editrix being told that she’s not allowed to use the “hit someone upside the head with a peppermint” method of random winner selection anymore – spoilsports). But all in all? GREAT night.

Thanks so much to everyone who came out to celebrate this amazing book with us!

And keep an eye out…while the launch party was the paperback’s debut, you’ll be able to get your copy soon!


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