Release Day: Fifty Feet of Trouble by Justin Robinson

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A long (eternal?) and adventurous life to Fifty Feet of Trouble, the younger but equally bold and assured sibling to Justin Robinson’s City of Devils!

Our hard-boiled hero Nick Moss, the last human gumshoe left in LA, is still managing to elude the monsters who wish to turn him, but his cases get increasingly convoluted and perilous – and now lead him to places he’s not eager to revisit.

Fifty Feet of Trouble is available as print and digital in the customary places (Amazon, B&N, Kobo) and on our website. If you order from the site, your digital version will contain extra goodies! And stay tuned for Justin’s fascinating liner notes about the book’s genesis from the fertile pumpkin patch of his imagination – surely the envy of Sam Haine, avenger-for-hire and jam-maker extraordinaire.

For extra confirmation of your excellent taste in purchasing Fifty Feet of Trouble, here are some enthusiastic reviews:

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