Drakon, the Movie!

drakonfront-alt-dark2a smThose who’ve read A. M. Tuomala’s Drakon outline or synopsis have undoubtedly sussed out that, in addition to its remarkable novelistic attributes, it would also make a rousing movie: dragons who carve poetry on glazed tiles; war, espionage, political intrigue; divided loyalties and hidden agendas; familial love and strife; thwarted or thorny love paths – all powered by an ensemble cast so vividly etched that it’s hard to designate a single protagonist, although the three very different Tarasov siblings are pivots and catalysts.

The Drakon Hollywood pitch would be “Martin’s Game of Thrones Meets Tolstoy’s War and Peace”. So it’s no surprise that A. M. Tuomala and I have been dreaming whom to cast in the film, and what music to use. Below is a dream cast I imagined for Drakon, and A. M. Tuomala created a magnificent soundtrack that you can find on YouTube; you can also see her eclectic choices in fine-grained detail on her blog.

And who knows? Perhaps this may yet come to pass – and if it does, it will be interesting to compare the real-world outcome with our own dreaming.


Drakon Dream Cast (click twice on each panel to embiggen)

Drakon - Tarasovs


Elizaveta Vladimirovna (Liza) — Tilda Swinton
Innokentiy Vladimirovich (Kesha) — Damian Lewis
Pyotr Vladimirovich (Petya) — Armie Hammer
Vladimir Petrovich — Brendan Gleeson
Yelena Sergeyevna — Helen Mirren (née Mironova)

Drakon - Others

Friends and/or Foes


Mikhail Dmitrievich Orlov (Misha) — Ben Whishaw
Anastasia Ivanovna Vasilevskaya (Nastya) — Olga Kurylenko
Galina Ivanovna Vasilevskaya (Galya) — Mia Wasikowska
Peter Wainwright — Michael Fassbender
Ludwik Jaworski — Sebastian Koch
Söz, the Voice — Lubna Azabal

Dragons (the visuals are how I imagine the two as human equivalents)

Aysel (voice) — Angela Bassett
Boris Baivich (voice) — Richard Armitage

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