Acquisition Announcement: Red Spawn Delivery by Anne E. Johnson

GLD-linkSince 2012, Anne E. Johnson has been receiving tachyon transmissions from the worlds in the Raralt Planetary Circle, home to a surfeit of sentient species. From that avalanche of data, Anne has been able to decode the adventures of Ganpril Webrid and his rambunctious gang of loyal friends and write them out in forms pleasing to humans.

Webrid wants nothing more than to have a comfy life of the Raralt equivalent of wine, women and song (read: booze and babes). However, his vocation as a hereditary professional carter means that he finds himself thrust willy-nilly into all kinds of fraught situations and missions impossible. It’s a good thing that his friends have so many skills among them – from genius-invention chops to (over)enthusiastic space piloting to demure high-level spying.

BDD-cover-frontIn Green Light Delivery, Webrid had to deliver a laser source…embedded in his skull, with many adversaries eager to divest him of his charge. In Blue Diamond Delivery, he had to deliver a diamond that was part of the machinery that keeps the Raralt Circle planets in stable orbits within their sun’s habitable zone. And in Red Spawn Delivery, he has to find and deliver fifty arachnid newborns kidnapped by a mad scientist.

Candlemark & Gleam was lucky enough to be chosen by Anne to present these adventures to Earthlings – fresh, vivid space-operatic escapades that combine The Fifth Element’s non-stop action and humor with Raymond Chandler’s wisecracking noir sensibilities. We’re unshakably convinced that Red Spawn Delivery will deliver the goods and then some: Webrid may be grumpy and grotty, but he’s utterly devoted to his calling.

Mark your calendars for an early 2017 delivery!

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