Cover Reveal: Fifty Feet of Trouble by Justin Robinson

Candlemark & Gleam readers first met Nick Moss – WWII veteran, Night Wars survivor, member of the dwindling human cohort, hard-bitten private eye – in Justin Robinson’s neo-noir comédie fantastique City of Devils. Nick springs back to action in Fifty Feet of Trouble, and Kate Sullivan has created the pitch-perfect visual summary of his predicament:

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About the novel:

Being a private investigator ain’t all it’s cracked up to be—especially when you spend most of your time looking for missing kids and trying not to get turned into something that goes bump in the night instead of making time with femme fatales. But hey, it’s a living. And there’s never a shortage of work for the last human detective in a city of monsters. Right now, Nick Moss has three cases: tracking a missing girl, a young woman, and a toad, not necessarily in that order. The deeper he gets, the more troubling connections he finds—to his past, to some of the most dangerous monsters in the city, and to places he hoped he’d never have to go.

All Nick knows for certain is that he’s in trouble. Fifty feet of it.

Advance praise for the novel:

“Like a crazed mad-scientist, Justin Robinson has put the brain of a hardboiled detective novel into the body of a 1950s monster movie, to create a beast so wild, so fast paced, so unpredictable, it could spell the end of humankind itself. The creature’s most important ingredient, however, is its heart, which gives it an honest and unexpected pathos that one would never expect from its gruesome exterior.” – Nathan Long, author of Bloodsworn

Launch date:

Fifty Feet of Trouble will be slouching onto everyone’s pumpkin-guarded porch on October 31, 2016. Mark your calendars and attend to your wards!

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