Candlemark & Gleam is once again open to submissions!

After a small hiatus to take care of the transition to new ownership, we’re going back to capturing promising comets that cross our starship’s bow. Although a significant portion of our future publications will come from referral and invitation, we are always open to feral talent. We already announced one new acquisition, Lise Breakey’s Unraveling Timelines. There’s so much more to come that we’ve had to space it to prevent crowding! To Shape the Dark, slated to launch in about a month, is only the tip of this interstellar iceberg.

So send us your work – but read the guidelines first! – and keep this frequency open.

Spacetime Geodesics

Defiant_wormholeLong ago,
I became astrogator in the arcships.
I drew flight paths, watched over
the sleeping cargo, listened to the starwind
carrying messages and cosmic background.
Far and wide I roamed under strange skies,
rarely making landfall.
Until a small, faint source grew strong
and constant on my instruments
and, as I swerved to investigate,
it resolved into pulses that whispered —
home, home… home.

– Athena Andreadis; Bullspec Issue 6, page 60, Autumn 2011

Optical Image: The Defiant (Deep Space 9)

Aural Image: “Tougher than the Rest”

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