Calling all monsters…

Calling all monsters….and those who love them!

As we’ve said, this is Monster Month in the City of Devils and we want to give you a chance to strut your stuff!

Tell us your brilliant idea for a monster movie or creature feature and you’ll have a chance to win a City of Devils prize pack – and have your idea turned into a movie poster by the talented Alan Caum, who designed those awesome vintage ads in the back of the City of Devils paperback (don’t know what we’re talking about? Pick up a copy today to find out).

How do you enter? It’s frightfully simple.

Just come up with an awesome, horrifying, hilarious, or otherwise brilliant creature feature (“It Came from the Back of the Fridge”) and share it! Be sure to tag your creation with #CGCreatureFeature2015 so we can see your entries, or link to your blog post, tweet, or Facebook post here. Calling out @JustinSRobinson wouldn’t hurt, either, since he’s the one who’ll be judging.

Be as creative as you like – there’s bonus points for coming up with a tagline for your creature feature (“Now the leftover pot roast is coming for you!”), illustrating your idea, or even taking a pic of your own stunned or horrified expression at the thought of the creature. Feel like making a low-budget B-movie trailer and putting it on YouTube? So many bonus points you might hit TILT.

Go for it! Express yourself! Be the crazy B-movie director or writer you’ve always dreamed of! Unleash your psychotic imagination on the world!

Just be sure to link here and/or tag with #CGCreatureFeature2015 so that we can see your brilliance.

At the end of the month, our resident monster expert, Justin Robinson, will judge the entries and choose a winner for the super City of Devils prize package, and the winner will have their idea turned into a B-movie poster by Alan Caum!

Get your monster on, folks!

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