Pressing Matters: December 6, 2013, Edition

That slush pile is growing higher…!

I need one of those warning signs...

I need one of those warning signs…

Pressing Matters: Week of December 2-6, 2013


  1. We’re going through the current subs before closing down to submissions for awhile. Answers, acquisitions, and revisions ahoy!
  2. Whole stack of revisions to read through – please bear with us!
  3. Part of that includes a RAFT of sequels in the queue. 2014 is shaping up to be busy!


  1. Edits on Sword revisions continue…
  2. Edits on Mixed Feelings also continue!


  1. Nearly done with the layout refinements for Grave, including a map from Designer Alan.
  2. Just got a peek at a cover for The Dominion, which is going to be GLORIOUS. Now, to craft a text design that plays off the gorgeous font used…

Reviews, Promotions, and Buzz

  1. Anne E. Johnson is hosting a great giveaway – you have a chance to win digital copies of both Green Light Delivery and Blue Diamond Delivery!
  2. Giveaways galore! You can also enter to win the books in Chrysoula Tzavelas’s Senyaza Series: Matchbox Girls and Infinity Key!
  3. And ANOTHER giveaway! This one for Stevie Carroll’s A Series of Ordinary Adventures.


  1. Royalties are finally out! …now we get to prep for the next quarter, and do taxes. Yaaaaay!
  2. City of Devils pre-orders are out, II Crimsonstreak pre-orders are nearly out (just waiting on a corrected batch of Headbands of Power). And the first batch of Infinity Key pre-orders is out!
  3. An obituary for the letter E. Poor E.
  4. Interactive clock design. This is pretty neat.
  5. Exploding cars. Only not. COOL.
  6. Bonk.


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