Acquisitions Announcement: Space Surfers

Big news! We’ve got a new book! From an old friend, no less!

Anne E. Johnson is known to most of you as the author of the fantastically fun sci-fi noir Webrid Chronicles, including Green Light Delivery, Blue Diamond Delivery, and the work-in-progress Red Spawn Delivery. In addition to that, though, she’s also the author of myriad middle-grade and YA titles, including Ebenezer’s Locker and Trouble at the Scriptorium. Now she’s combining these two passions – sci-fi and writing for younger audiences – with a fantastic YA sci-fi adventure, Space Surfers!

Twins Lerris and Graika are daredevils, pushing the limits of their mini-jets to surf at the very edges of their planet’s atmosphere – despite a ban on flying higher than the clouds. It’s a way to escape from high school, family, and especially from the mysterious plague that’s started claiming lives all over New Chance. A mysterious threatening letter sends them into a tailspin, especially after their father is poisoned and Lerris is kidnapped. Dangerous alien invaders are hovering just out of reach, at the border where sky meets stars, and the space surfers will have to uncover the mysteries of their planet’s past – and their strange human ancestors – in order to defeat them and save the world.

We can’t wait to bring you this awesome new novel, coming in spring/summer of 2014!

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