Pressing Matters: October 26, 2013, Edition

We’ve been going through edits and revision notes on Mystery Projects this week…


Pressing Matters: Week of October 21-25, 2013


  1. Just sent out a contract for a new YA sci-fi project. News soon!
  2. Going through rewrite requests for a very promising, VERY inventive YA-ish fantasy. Think this one’s gonna be a gem…


  1. Working through edits on Sword and Mixed Feelings, plus a couple of Unnamed Mystery Projects you’re sure to enjoy…


  1. Infinity Key is back through proofreading and just about ready to go.
  2. Grave is finishing up in layout.

Reviews, Promotions, and Buzz

  1. Pre-orders for Infinity Key are still going gangbusters. We’ve blown past our goal and we’re well into “insane and awesome rewards” territory. The more people pledge, the more stories Chrysoula will write. How’s THAT for awesome?
  2. Not sure you’re ready for Infinity Key? Get into the Senyaza Series by picking up Matchbox Girls in digital form for $1.99 – on sale through tomorrow!
  3. Fanboy Comics interviews Matt Adams!
  4. Geek Mountain State interviews Kate about Vermont, speculative fiction, and why New England is so good for having an imagination that runs wild…


  1. Susan Jane Bigelow talks about character death, and whether it’s an easy out for generating emotional impact.
  2. The Editorial Parrot’s minor surgery…wasn’t. He had some serious complications, and had to have a pretty intensive operation. He’s back at home now and isn’t feeling very well; Mastermind Kate has been playing bird slave as best she can, but well-wishes are appreciated. As are tips for how to get recalcitrant parrots to actually eat.
  3. Thinking about submitting that manuscript? Are you sure it’s ready? Superagent Janet Reid helps you figure out how perfect is “perfect enough.”
  4. It’s Accounting Time again. Someone please send Kate more bourbon. She’s starting to mutter eerily.
  5. How did ancient Greek music sound? 
  6. This is going to be a pretty fantastic anthology. You should totally back it.
  7. AUGH. Venomous crustaceans! Sometimes, sci-fi is a very earthbound phenomenon, if you just look hard enough.
  8. To make up for that horror, have a bunny reading history.
  9. Also, have a kangaroo and a baby wombat making friends.
  10. And to finish out, a sleepy Pallas cat.


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