Pressing Matters: October 18, 2013, Edition

Why yes, that is a gross of tiny airline liquor bottles. Yes, we, too, are very disappointed that they’re not full of liquor. But they’re getting filled up with other stuff for City of Devils

This is the crazy stuff that happens at a small press.

Empty bottles

Pressing Matters: Week of October 14-18, 2013


  1. Just requested a revise/resubmit on a really promising, inventive manuscript. Let’s see what the author has to say!


  1. Edits on Sword have been returned, now with extra scenes! More politics! New names! Woo!
  2. Going through a Mystery Project that we’re pretty excited about…


  1. II Crimsonstreak is now out in the world! Congratulations, Matt – it’s a book!
  2. Infinity Key is back through proofreading and just about ready to go.

Reviews, Promotions, and Buzz

  1. Speaking of Infinity Keyholy pre-orders, Batman! We’ve blown past our goal and we’re well into “insane and awesome rewards” territory. The more people pledge, the more stories Chrysoula will write. How’s THAT for awesome?
  2. On the Left Coast? Stalk your favourite author! Justin Robinson will be appearing at Conjecture 2013 with a table in the Dealers’ Room this weekend in San Diego. He’s participating in some totally awesome panels, which you should totally attend. You should also go to his reading on Saturday at 3!
  3. There’s still time to jump in on this contest for a free digital copy of Substitution Cipher, hosted by M Fenn in honor of Indigenous People’s Day…
  4. Did you know we have a Tumblr now? We totally have a Tumblr. You should go…I don’t know, look at it.


  1. The new blog series taking you on a tour of what C&G authors and contributors are drinking and reading in their downtime is now off and rolling! Kate gets us started with hot cocoa and fantasy, and Anne E. Johnson takes over with essays and iced tea
  2. We’re now actually shipping the pre-orders for City of Devils, because we were FINALLY able to track down the misplaced bottle shipment. WHY someone at the hospital thought they needed 100 airline liquor bottles, we’ll never know…
  3. It’s Accounting Time again. Someone please send Kate more bourbon. She’s starting to mutter eerily.
  4. Neat – a gigantic, sea-serpent-esque oarfish found off the California coast. Release the Kraken!
  5. Unfortunately, the Editorial Parrot is not helping Kate get work done* this weekend – he had an accident last week and is recovering, but has to go in for minor surgery on Monday. Well-wishes and peanut butter are appreciated.
  6. This is, unfortunately, Mastermind Kate’s face much of the time. Just ask poor Commanatrix Sarah….
  7. Cool evolutionary biology discovery in Georgia – a full hominin skull proving that our migrating Paleolithic ancestors were more primitive than originally thought…
  8. Weird. Cute. And weirdly cute.

*Not actually either Kate or the Editorial Parrot. He’s much bigger and greener, and she’s much spikier.

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