Pressing Matters: August 23, 2013, Edition

Just keep readin’…just keep readin’…

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Pressing Matters: Week of August 19-23, 2013


  1. Did you see? Did you see? We finally got to announce that mysterious epic YA fantasy we’ve been hinting about! Amy Bai’s Sword will be coming out in 2014!
  2. Now it’s time to get back into the slush pile…


  1. Poor Amy is working on rewriting Sword, removing most of the epic lamaze and adding in some more political history. It’s gonna be more interesting that that makes it sound, trust me!


  1. Illustrations for City of Devils are underway, and will be AMAZING. Yes, you read that right. Illustrations. The book will have illustrations.
  2. II Crimsonstreak is proofread! Now we’re just going to make sure the wraparound fits and we’re good to go!
  3. Related: It’s amazing what proofreading can do. Two Proofers of Mightiness took a crack at it…and only had three overlapping notes. Each of them found SO MUCH that the other didn’t…wow.
  4. Work is almost done on text layout and wraparound for Infinity Key, too!
  5. Typographer Extraordinaire Alan instantly identified the fonts used in the first two books of the Resurgam series, which means we can now get to work on laying out Grave!

Reviews, Promotions, and Buzz

  1. Several authors from The Other Half of the Sky anthology will be at Worldcon coming up on the 29th through Sept. 2. Will you be there? Say hi to Martha Wells, Jack McDevitt, and whoever else you can catch!
  2. Pre-orders for City of Devils by Justin Robinson are going nuts – we’ve already unlocked a few extra rewards, and we’re going for more!


  1. Library Sabotage. TOO funny!
  2. Love this video about sidelines at bookstores. I’m sure every bookstore lover has felt this way more than a few times, not to mention any booksellers out there!
  3. Raising your children right. Oh yes. Let the bookishness continue!
  4. Have you seen No Names No Jackets? Great way to get exposure to just the story – and I’ve already found a few things to check out through the random suggestions!
  5. Japanese seniors prefer eBooks; younger people like print. Interesting!
  6. This is an amazing Honda ad. Just had to share that. Good design and creativity should always be celebrated!
  7. Keeping with our recent theme of cute animals…
  8. Royalty checks should now all be taken care of for Q2. Hurrah!


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