Acquisitions Announcement: City of Devils

After much delay (no, seriously, the author actually sent in rewrites already), we’re very excited to announce a new acquisition: City of Devils by Justin Robinson (author of Mr Blank).
World War II was only the beginning. When the Night War ravages America, turning it into a country of monsters, humans become a downtrodden minority. Nick Moss is the only human private eye in town, and he’s on the trail of a missing city councilor. With monsters trying to turn him – or, better yet, simply kill him – he’s got to watch his back while trying to find his man. Or mummy, as the case may be.
Once, it was the City of Angels. But now, Los Angeles is the City of Devils…and Nick has a devil of a job to do.
Justin talks about the novel a little in this podcast.
Look for City of Devils this fall!

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