Pressing Matters: February 22, 2013, Edition

Mostly a reading-submissions week here at Candlemark & Gleam. Time to send out responses…

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Pressing Matters: Week of Feb. 18-22, 2013


  1. Hot on the heels of last week’s announcement of the second book in Chrysoula Tzavelas’s Senyaza Series, we’re very pleased to announce that there will be another book chronicling the ongoing adventures of everyone’s favourite speedster, Crimsonstreak! That’s right, Matt Adams is continuing Crimsonstreak’s tale this fall…


  1. Going through revision plans and notes for a few different books right now. The authors are all on a roll, and just reading their plans is getting us all excited to see the revised manuscripts!


  1. Cover art for Blue Diamond Delivery is progressing nicely. The first few attempts were a little wobbly, but Webrid seems to have found his legs again and has consented to pose without making obscene gestures at the artist anymore…
  2. Mastermind Kate is having a hard time letting go and not being so picky about the cover for a soon-to-be-announced project. Sooner or later, we’ll convince her that the perfect is the enemy of the really darn good.
  3. Text ornament and fonts chosen for The Daughter Star!
  4. Files go to the printer for The Other Half of the Sky soon, and then we see the print proof!

Reviews, Promotions, and Buzz

  1. Constellation Games author Leonard Richardson is getting some amazing buzz – and well-deserved praise. From the likes of Cory Doctorow, no less.
  2. The Mr Blank Fnord Contest is almost over…you only have another week or so to find all the fnords in the special edition (any eBook that’s been sold between release in October and now) and let us know where they are. All correct responses are entered to win a Kobo Mini eReader loaded with every Candlemark & Gleam title! Rules and instructions are at the beginning of every digital edition. Grab a copy and start fnord-hunting!


  1. New shelves are now up in the C&G Lair! Now we need the time to put all the books on them…
    Empty office shelves
  2. The Nebula nominees have been announced! There’s a lot of great stories and a lot of great writers here – including quite a few who contributed to The Other Half of the Sky! Congratulations to all the nominees!
  3. Fascinating open letter from an author to someone caught shoplifting one of his books.
  4. Very interesting piece on “storytelling as the ultimate weapon.” Particularly interesting is the part about how engaged, immersed readers “let down their intellectual guard” and can make greater leaps of logic or suspension of disbelief.


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