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First off, welcome to anyone who’s stumbled upon us after looking up Constellation Games by Leonard Richardson!

We’re weird, but we’re mostly harmless. Promise.

For anyone who hasn’t heard, Constellation Games has been getting a ton of well-deserved buzz lately. First it was the really perceptive, fascinating interview on Bookslut – Leonard is just as smart as you think he is, probably more so, and the interview covers a lot of really interesting ground other than just his book.

It also proves that “director’s cut” material from an author can be really powerful – the Bookslut interviewer became a fan after reading Leonard’s “author commentary” during the serial run of the novel. Reading what the author has to say about the individual chapters, and the process of writing, and the creative flow behind a book is truly engrossing, especially when done so thoughtfully. It adds a whole new dimension to the reading experience.

And then there was yesterday’s rave review of the novel by Cory Doctorow over on Boing Boing. We already knew this, thanks to having been given the privilege of reading and editing Leonard’s work, but Cory really drives the point home: Last week, I thought of Leonard Richardson as a promising talent to watch. Now I feel like he’s a nascent master of the field. What a book.

If you haven’t picked up a copy yet, what are you waiting for? The digital bundle even comes with Leonard’s tie-in stories and a copy of the Pey Shkoy Benefits Humans! alien phrasebook. Genius.

Incidentally, the book is now on the Amazon Kindle bestseller list, flirting with the Top 100 Paid positions (best rank we know of so far, #103 Paid, #1 Science Fiction, #1 Humour) and is also climbing the charts for Amazon’s paperback bestseller list, currently at #1,301 in books, #28 for space opera. Wow!

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