Pressing Matters: November 9, 2012, Edition

I need one of those warning signs…

Pressing Matters: Week of November 5-9, 2012


  1. Got proofing and corrections back on Substitution Cipher; it’s ready to have a final pass done and then get sent to the printer.
  2. Have to wait for NaNoWriMo to finish before The Daughter Star can go off to the second editor, who is presently busy with her own manuscript work. Soon, though!
  3. Digging into two sequels, with more info to come as we get it.


  1. Still going through Round 4 of edits and proofing on Other Half of the Sky.
  2. Working out title fonts and accents for Other Half of the Sky; finding something suitable is both easier and harder than expected, but I think we’re on to something with editor Athena Andreadis’s excellent font-sleuthing.
  3. Starting to assemble comps for The Dominion. 

Reviews and Promotions

  1.  Chrysoula Tzavelas has spent the week on tour for Matchbox Girls. Did you catch all the stops?
  2.  Isabel Kunkle will be going out for Hickey of the Beast from November 9-16! Be sure to check in at the Events page for everything we’ve got going on.
  3. We’re arranging a blog tour for Debris Dreams as well. Stay tuned for scheduling!
  4. So. Many. Moonrock. Keychains. So. Many. Chupacabras. Sometimes, Kickstarter rewards get a little out of hand…


  1. Royalty checks are in the mail. No, really!
  2. Taking another crack at streamlining the royalties accounting procedure and better displaying where books have sold, so authors can keep an eye on where they’re doing well. Just one more thing that customizes the small-press experience a bit.
  3. Still looking for slushpile gems. Is there any good non-Western fantasy out there right now? I’m itching for some.
  4. Working on setting up a merch store for tie-in goodies, C&G goods, and more. It’s a little back-burnered, but hopefully we’ll get there soon…
  5. I like this opinion article on the utility of paper textbooks in the digital age; it raises some excellent points on books in general.
  6. Hope everyone’s okay in the wake of Hurricane Sandy!


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